How to Make Your Home Safe for You and Your Family

How to Make Your Home Safe for You and Your Family

9 Ways to Make Your Home a Safe Zone for You and Your Family

Each year in Queensland around 70 kids under 15 end up in the emergency room because of an electrical injury.  More than a third are under five.  You can help prevent shocks and burns with these simple fixes at home.

1. Install safety switches on all circuits to help protect your family from electric shock.  Safety switches should be tested every three months by pushing the test button to ensure they operate.  For more information visit

2.  Immediately replace any damaged power points, light switches, electrical equipment or frayed leads.  Damaged equipment can have exposed live wires and cause electrical shock.  Wrapping tape around damaged leads won't protect from shock.

3.  Install dummy plugs on all power points and power boards.  These are specially designed plugs that you insert into unused points to prevent other objects being put into the point.

4.  Never overload power points by plugging in multiple adaptors.  If you need more power outlets you can get more power points installed or use a power board. 

5.  Water and electricity can be a lethal mix.  Keep electrical equipment away from bathtubs and sinks that children may use.

6.  Keep power cords and leads away from little mouths.  Small children often want to explore new things by putting them in their mouths.  This can pose a risk of electric shock.

7.  Teach older children how to plug in and unplug safely.  Before plugging and unplugging equipment, the witch should be in the off position.  Take care when unplugging leads as pulling them out with force can damage them.

8.  Look for electrical equipment that has the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM).  Take care if purchasing online - equipment brought from overseas may not meet Australian safety requirements.

9.  If you have electrical work that needs to be done in your home, only used a licensed electrician to do the work.  

For more information on Electrical Safety in the Home visit

Contact us today if you need any electrical work done or you would like an electrical safety inspection to ensure your family home is safe: (07) 3870 8446.

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